3 in 1 Silicone Charging Dock For Apple


For AirPods Pro & Apple Watch & iPhone, with Bracket Function.

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Silicone Stand for Apple Devices Overview: This high-quality silicone stand is designed to securely hold and organize your Apple devices, providing a neat and convenient charging solution. Its compact and stylish design makes it an excellent accessory for any Apple user. Features: Premium Material: Made from high-quality silicone, offering a soft surface that prevents scratches and damage to your Apple devices. Compact and Versatile: The design is compact yet functional, capable of connecting and holding a set of AirPods Pro, an Apple Watch series, and an iPhone (5 and above). Optimal Viewing Angle: The stand is designed to provide a comfortable viewing angle, allowing for quick and easy access to all your devices. Compatibility: Specifically designed to work with Apple original Lightning cables, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Exclusions: Please note that the product does not include cables, watch adapters, or the Apple devices themselves. Specifications: Material: High-quality silicone Compatibility: AirPods Pro, Apple Watch series, and iPhone 5 and above. Usage Tips: Place the stand on a stable and flat surface for best results. Clean the silicone surface regularly to maintain its appearance and prevent dust accumulation. Keep your Apple devices organized and easily accessible with this sleek and durable silicone stand, perfect for any Apple enthusiast looking to enhance their device management.