BLUCOG Pure Water Distiller with 4L Glass Container – Stainless Steel


BLUCOG Countertop Pure Water Distiller is a premium water distiller with a 4L glass container. It is made of high […]

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BLUCOG Countertop Pure Water Distiller is a premium water distiller with a 4L glass container. It is made of high quality materials, BPA-Free Plastic and Food-Grade 304 Stainless steel.There are ventilation holes to prevent overheating. The unit will automatically shut down after a 4L cycle.

Compact but powerful, this BLUCOG Pure Water countertop water distiller is an excellent investment, giving you the purest, cleanest water wherever you go. Easily portable, with no need for installation, it’s a super-convenient water filtration device.

There are so many ways you can use this ultra-pure filtered water; drinking and cooking, making ice cubes, mixing baby formula and pet food, watering house plants or even for washing your face.

Distilled water is also great for household humidifiers and steam irons.

Take the BLUCOG Pure Water Distiller on holiday and camping trips to enjoy deliciously pure, pollutant-free water anywhere.

Never drink chemically contaminated tap water again! This countertop water distiller gives you a convenient way to keep your whole family supplied with deliciously refreshing and pure water, everyday and anywhere, and helps to remove the following nasties from your water: , aluminum, heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine, chloroform, copper, fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrates, sodium, sulfate, viruses, microbes & VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Benefits & Features of the BLUCOG Pure Water Distiller:

Produces the purest water every time
No installation required
As simple to use as a kettle
Small enough to take with you when you're on holiday
Not built in so you can take it with you when you move
Stainless steel boiling tank for longer life
Efficient, economical and reliable
Save your money and our environment by not needing to buy bottled water anymore.
You know it's working because you can see what has been removed from the water. No other purification system can produce water as pure as water
distillers can. This is a scientifically validated fact.
Power: 750 watts
Capacity: 4 liters (Glass Container)
Weight: 4kg
Distillation: 1 liter/hour
Fan Material: Aluminum fan.
Voltage: 110-220V with RSA Plug.
Inner cavity size: 18x20cm
Product size: 29x29x38cm
1 Activated Carbon Filter is included. (Replace filter ever 250-300L distilled)

What’s in the box
1 x Distiller
1 x Glass Container
1 x Activated Carbon Filter

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Weight 5,80 kg
Dimensions 45,00 × 29,50 × 28,50 cm