Fine Mist Spray Bottle – 300ML Clear


Fine Mist Spray Bottle

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Our Continuous Fine Mist Spray bottle delivers a super fine mist. No pumping required! Just press the trigger and get a nice steady stream. Works great for hair styling and moisturizing skin – use it whenever and wherever water is needed. This refillable spray bottle can be used to thoroughly dampen hair for styling. This unique, propellant-free sprayer, sprays a fine mist and provides a continuous spray pattern. Combine your favorite leave in conditioner, oil, aloe vera gel and water and use as a daily refresher. Key Features/Benefits:
  • Ultra Fine Mist
  • 500ml capacity
  • Ensures Steady Continuous Spray
  • Ergonomic Design, Easy to Hold and Press, Reducing Hand Fatigue
  • Evenly Distributes Mist to the Hair or Skin
  • Easily refillable